Horizon Event

Richard White (Ricardo Blanco) muses in his latest post about losing ones’ self / oneself while walking in the hills, as if crossing that invisible line to another state of being or just an altered awareness of the world (so well imagined in celtic tales) where “..where my self ends and the world begins..”

Reading this put me in mind of one of the most popular of Welsh englynion (this one the work of Dewi Emrys):

Wele rith fel ymyl rhod – o’n cwmpas
Campwaith dewin hynod
Hen linell bell nad yw’n bod
Hen derfyn nad yw’n darfod.

Dewi Emrys (1881 – 1952)

{Roughly and hastily translated, (there must be better out there!)}:

By this feint, surrounding us – like a wheel’s rim
Strangely we’re spellbound;
Old line afar nowhere found,
Old border without bounds.

Marc Evans

We walk always towards the horizon, but never reach it. If climbing the steep slopes of Wales’ mountains, what you think is the top you are about to crest dissolves as you reach it, out of breath, a new skyline rising, perhaps beyond stamina’s reach.

I recall once climbing towards Aran Fawddwy, pausing again to consider whether to press on as the sun was setting, heart pounding, when there was a moment that caught me – as if hanging in the air, suspended high above the valley and dizzy with the freedom of the moment, tempted to leap higher with the larks!

The journey down brought me to my knees, in every way…

Friday Poem – ‘What’s the Welsh for ‘Fire-Cracker’?’ by Marc Evans

Digwydd dilyn trywydd ar y we ac ail-ddarganfod cerdd o’m gwaith i ar wefan Seren a meddwl sut cyrhaeddais i fanno? A sut y des i fan hyn yn awr? Mae pellter mwy na’r gorwel diflanedig ar fwrdd hen long rhyngom…

Following an internet trail I happened on (rediscovered) a poem of mine on the Seren website and got to wondering how did that happen? And how did I get here now? The distance between then and now seems beyond the horizon just lost from view, just a memory aboard an old ship heading slowly out to sea …

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This week’s Friday Poem is ‘What’s the Welsh for ‘Fire-Cracker’?’ by Marc Evans. Marc is a regular attendee of our First Thursday evenings which happen once a month at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. He read this poem in the open mic session a few months ago and we thought it was perfect to share with you this week just after bonfire night.

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Are we all required to break the law now? / Torri’r gyfraith – Anorfod yn ein gwaith?

John Major and Tony Blair: Johnson must drop shameful no-deal Brexit bill or be forced to by MPs


[English follows]

Canlyniad anorfod pan fydd llywodraeth sy’n torri’r gyfraith yn fwriadol yw y gall unrhyw was cyflog – boed heddwas neu glerc yn yr Adran Gwaith a Phensiynau gael ei ofyn i dorri’r gyfraith yn ei waith.

The inevitable consequence of a government deliberately breaking the law is that any civil servant of that government, from police constable to lowly clerk in the DWP, may find themselves being asked to break the law in the course of their employment.

Gair i Gall / "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana"